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Course Description
This course is one of the WOW Academy Webmaster Core Courses. The point of this courseware is to build strong a understanding of E-Business. This course reveals the key requirements for successfully conducting business on the Internet from the point of view of both a Web developer and a business seeking to build a Web presence.Topics covered in this course are listed below.

Course Details
Course Name :
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Certifications :  (WCW) (CWP) (CAW)(CIW)
Course Cost :  $127.00 $95.00 Limited Time Offer
Course Author :  WebYoda, Inc.
Student Rating :  
Prerequisites :  Advanced XHTML

Course Syllabus
 E-Business Website Models
 E-Commerce Website Models
 Launching an Online Store
 Setting Up a Legal Business Entity
 Choosing a Company Name and Web Name
 Occupational Licenses
 Tax Id And Resale Certificate
 Virtual Funds vs. Conventional Funds
 Secure Web Pages
 Regular and Internet Merchant Accounts
 Processing Orders Offline and Online
   Web Development Costs
 Website Development Process
 Web Development Tools
 Choosing a Web Host
 Domain Registration
 Collecting Content
 Online Shopping Cart
 Privacy and Security Issues
 Maximizing Website Success
 Website Proposal Process

"Excellent E-Business course. Having been in business years ago for myself, it was great to see so much input on the basic and most important essentials. At first, I truly felt, because of my past business experience, I could knock this course out in a week or less. But when I started getting into it, I found myself writing down a lot of excellent tips, facts, and info for future reference. Overall, I definitely, under-estimated how much great material there really is in your courses."
Larry N. - E-Business Student 

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